Serving on Groups that Make Decisions: Skills and the Role of Families

Tuesday, February 28, 2017 -
12:00pm to 1:00pm



Do you want to be more involved in a decision-making group but need to brush up on your skills and figure out what the family role is in a group? 

WI FACETS, as part of the Statewide Personnel Development Grant, has a resource guidebook titled Serving on Groups That Make Decisions: A Guide for Families. This guidebook was created with a stakeholder process to support parents, educators, service providers, and other professionals serving on decision-making groups.

Section 7 deals with the role of families on groups. Find our what families need to know about the group,  their role on the group and how they can represent the perspective of other families. Section 8 is all about learning what effective group members do to prepare for a meeting, participate during a meeting, and what they do when the meeting is over. It will also address the best practices on facilitating a meeting and ways to avoid and/or deal with conflict. 


Vicki Davis Davila is the director of the State Personnel Development Grant & Milwaukee Public Schools Initiative Grant at WI FACETS.  Her work involves educating and empowering parents and families to be engaged & effective decision-makers in their child's life. 

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