WSEMS: Facilitated IEPs

Monday, November 13, 2017 -
12:00pm to 1:00pm


A facilitated IEP is an option for early conflict prevention available to parents of children with disabilities and to school districts. The district and parents can request a trained, impartial professional to attend the IEP meeting to help keep members of the IEP team focused while addressing conflicts and disagreements that may arise during the meeting. A trained, impartial professional (a facilitator) helps the IEP team with the IEP process. 
The process may be used for any IEP team meeting including: initial, annual, reevaluation, review/revision. IEP facilitation is free to all participants. WSEMS will pay the facilitator with grant funds from the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction. The facilitators have a maximum of three hours to spend with the parties, which includes any time spent before and after the IEP meeting.


Nissan Bar-Lev is the Director of Special Education for CESA 7 & is one of 3 Partners who administer the WI Special Education Mediation System. Nissan co-chairs the Special Projects Committee for WCASS. He serves on the Governor’s Autism Council, Children’s Long Term Support Council & chairs the State Superintendent's Blind & Visual Impairment Education Council. He serves on the SAA Assessment Team, the WI RtI/PBIS Advisory Council, & National IDEA Partnership “Creating Agreement” team. He is a co-author of Special Education in Plain Language.

Courtney Salzer is the Executive Director of WI FACETS. She also serves as the Co-Director of the OSEP-funded Region 4 Parent Technical Assistance Center and of the WI Parent Training and Information Center. Courtney has spent most of her career working on systems change efforts related to children with disabilities, including serving as the former Director of WI FACETS’ State Professional Development Grant and WI FACETS’ Youth Mentoring Programs. She received her Bachelor’s Degree and Law Degree from Marquette University and possesses a Professional Certificate in Non Profit Management from UW-Milwaukee. Courtney also was an attorney in private practice, where she did a variety of civil litigation. Courtney is the mother of two young children with disabilities and the sister of a young adult with a disability.


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Workshop Registration Form

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