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The IEP Checklist

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Get ready early, actively participate, and stay informed throughout the year!

This brochure outlines steps to take to have a productive, collaborative IEP meeting with your child's school.





WI FACETS Lending Library List

WI FACETS library includes over 1,600 books, publications and other media materials. A downloadable list is organized by topic. Check-out of lending library resources is free for Wisconsin parents. The library is located inside the WI FACETS main office, 600 W. Virginia Street, Ste. 501, Milwaukee, WI, 53204.

Download Resource Library List (Microsoft® Excel)

Download Resource Library List (PDF)

Print Materials

WI FACETS has a large variety of print publications such as brochures, pamphlets, articles, bulletins, etc. that can be mailed or emailed in single copies to families.  Please contact our office if you are insterested in a particular resource.