Supporting Learning, Literacy and Behavior at Home

Under our discretionary grant from the Department of Public Instruction, WI FACETS is able to educate Milwaukee Public Schools (MPS) parents & families about Response to Intervention (RtI), Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS), Literacy, and special education topics. On this page you will find resources for parents on a variety of academic and behavioral topics. 

Family Trainings & Resources

Below are presentations with speaker notes you can download to present to parents and families at trainings, family nights, community events, and others.

A Family Guide to Response to Intervention

This training covers the basics of Response to Intervention (RtI). It includes key terms and definitions, an explanation of each of the tiers and what to expect at each tier, and information about the link between RtI and special education.

A Family Guide to Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports

This training covers the basics of Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS). It includes key terms and definitions, explanations of each of the tiers and what to expect at each tier, including interventions, and information about how to support PBIS in the home.

Literacy Training Series for Families

Class 1: Literacy is For All

This PowerPoint gives parents an overview of the five components of literacy, giving examples of each component and strategies for families to use at home. It also stresses the importance of daily literacy practice in the home. 

Class 2: Types of Literacy, Assessments & Home-School Communication

This PowerPoint gives families information on different types of literacy (ABC, visual, cultural, computer). Families will learn how to prepare children for testing, different literacy assessments used in their district and action steps to take after receiving the results. Families will also learn strategies for effective communication with educators around literacy. 

Class 3: Finding the Right Books & Including Literacy in the IEP

This PowerPoint gives families tools and strategies for finding appropriate books for their children. It also discusses what it might look like if a child's IEP includes literacy related goals and services.

Class 4: 10 Things You Should Know About Summer Reading

This PowerPoint gives families easy to digest information about the importance of not only reading, but other learning activities over the summer to prevent the summer slide and improve outcomes.

Online Literacy Resources

Literacy Tips by Grade Level

First grade reading tips. (English)

Preschool reading tips. (English)

Reading tool kit for elementary students. English. Spanish.

Second grade reading tips. (English)

Third trade reading tips. (English)

Demonstration Videos

Reading with your child: Phonemic Awareness

Reading with your child: Fluency for grades K-3  

Reading with your child: Comprehension

Penfield Children’s Center: Reading with your child


Colorin Colorado: A bilingual site for families and educators of English language learners to help become better readers.

Unite for Literacy: Online children’s books with text in English or Spanish and narration in a variety of languages.

Literacy Center: Resources in English, Spanish, German and French.

Elementary/Secondary Literacy

Reading Rockets parent resources: offers strategies, lessons, activities and ideas designed to help young children learn to read

Vocabulary development games from Vocabulary.Co.Il

Reading is Fundamental Activities: Educational activities for children, sortable by age and topic

Early Literacy


Get Ready to Read!: Designed to support educators, parents, and young children in the development of early literacy skills in the years before kindergarten. Intended for use with all children, the resources and information provided on this site promote skill-building, communication between adults, and ways to address concerns.


PBS Parents: Activities and reading strategies for children

Starfall: Phonics games for children

Reading is Fundamental Activities: Educational activities for children, sortable by age and topic


Fred Rogers Center Early Literacy Quick Clips Video Playlist



Literacy Access - Libraries, Reading Programs, Online Resources for Free E-Books, etc.

Lit2Go: Classic literature for older children with audio

A Story Before Bed: A story book with video of the author reading the book


Story Nory: Audio stories


Day By Day New York: Daily books with audio with manual or automatic page turning, as well as daily activities, songs and videos on a monthly theme.


Loyal Books: Books for older children with streaming audio and downloadable chapters.


Screen Actor’s Guild Storyline Online: Videos with animated illustrations of books read aloud by famous names.

Literacy at Home and in the Community

Making Room for Literacy (Video) from the Puckett Institute

10 Car Games to Get Your Child Ready to Read!

Partnering with your Child's School About Literacy

Literacy Terms Defined for Parents (Free Printable Version Included)

Literacy Glossary for Parents of Primary-School Children (from UK)