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Parent Training and Information Center (PTIC)

WI FACETS has been funded by the US Department of Education since 2001 to support families and others with training, information and referral, and individual assistance related to children with disabilities and the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA).

This funding also allows for FACETS to publish educational materials on raising children with special needs, especially navigating the special education system.


WI FACETS can help:

  • Families and their children/young adults with disabilities from birth through adulthood
  • educators and other professionals who work with students with or without disability
  • parents of all children and schools looking to encourage family engagement in education


Here are some services PTIC supports:

Information and ReferralTrainings and Parent Education
Individual AssistanceParent Leadership Development


DPI (Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction) Grant

The overarching purpose of WI FACETS’ DPI GRANT is to increase the knowledge and engagement of families to take a more active role in the education of their children with disabilities, in relation to special education, evidence-based education practices, RtI, PBIS, literacy awareness and improving literacy outcomes for students with disabilities. This grant allows for WI FACETS to collaborate with Milwaukee Public Schools (MPS), as well as other school districts throughout the state, on a variety of projects, and to host a series of parent trainings focused on supporting literacy at home.


This grant allows us to work with MPS leadership to build positive relationships, communicate effectively, and support parents to become more engaged in supporting the Response to Intervention (RTI) and Positive Behavior Supports and Intervention (PBIS) processes in their child’s school building. WI FACETS, in partnership with an MPS Grant Advisory Team, strives to develop family friendly resources surrounding important topics which include specific information for families of students with IEPs in MPS.



WI FACETS’ Literacy Series Training works with school districts to instruct parents on how to support literacy development at home. The training breaks down literacy into its components, teaching how a child develops literacy, and provides useful practices that parents can do in their home to encourage their child’s literacy skills development

To access materials produced under the DPI grant for supporting Learning, Literacy and Behavior at Home click here.


Serving on Groups That Make Decisions: A Guide for Families is a tool developed by WI FACETS and partners in response to feedback from parents who were looking for the tools to gain more confidence in participating in IEP meetings, parent teacher organizations, and more. The result is a guide that focuses on developing specific skill sets using research-based strategies while being broadly applicable to a diverse audience for a more effective and robust decision-making group. Serving on Groups applies to all decision-making groups, not just in education or specifically to one state. Serving on Groups is a guidebook as well as a training available in online modules, webinars, and in person. For more information, visit the Serving on Groups website, or contact Lori Karcher (  


WI Special Education Mediation System (WSEMS) 

The WI Special Education Mediation System is a collaborative effort between: WI FACETS (representing parent perspective), CESA #7 (representing school perspective), Nina Meierding (representing mediator perspective), and Burns Mediation Services (providing intake and system administration) funded since 1996 by a WI Dept. of Public Instruction discretionary grant to administer the state’s system of dispute resolution for special education. WI FACETS provides outreach training and information about mediation, facilitated IEPs and facilitated resolution meetings.

WI Special Education Mediation System (WSEMS) website