Serving on Groups 6: Understanding & Using Data

Tuesday, October 2, 2018 -
12:00pm to 1:00pm

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So many times we are on committees or in meetings but don't know what the process is or how to fully participate, especially when it comes to data. This wrokshop will introduce you to the ways in which groups use data to make decisions. It will also help you to understand where data comes from and outline the bassic stages os using data. This intorductory wprkshop on data is based on the Serving on Groups that Make Decisions Guidebook resource. 


Kedibonye Carpenter is the Statewide Multicultural Specialist with WI FACETS, where she is responsible for coordinating trainings throughout the state to increase the knowledge and engagement of families of students with disabilities. She works directly with underserved families and groups in the state as well as with schools and districts to help develop partnering and leadership capabilities for all stakeholders to enhance the special education experience.

Kedibonye came to Wisconsin from Botswana in Southern Africa and has pursued an education here. She is a graduate of UW-LaCrosse, where she earned a Master of Public Health in Community Health Education (MPH-CHE).Prior to her work with WI FACETS, Kedibonye worked as a Statewide Family Engagement Coordinator working with African American families and other culturally diverse populations with WSPEI, where she focused on culturally responsive family engagement to increase strong partnerships between educators and families of Wisconsin students with disabilities.

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