Parent Leaders

What is the WI FACETS Parent Leader Program?

WI FACETS was founded in 1995 on a set of core values: EMPOWERMENT, RESPECT, COLLABORATION, ACCOUNTABILITY, and SENSITIVITY. These values are the foundation of the work that WI FACETS does, and our Parent Leader program is no different. WI FACETS' Parent Leader program works to develop leadership skills among parents, professionals, and others who support children with disabilities. Leadership skills are taught in a variety of ways and always with respect to adult learning styles, including; traditional workshops, webinars, experiential learning, coaching/mentoring, and independent study.

What do WI FACETS Parent Leaders do?

Parent Leaders serve many roles throughout Wisconsin, from hosting resource tables at community events, starting a support group in their community, providing WI FACETS training and workshops to others in their community, and serving on local and/or statewide advisory boards. All of these roles are a vital support for families with children with disabilities and the communities in which they live.

How do I become a WI FACETS Parent Leader?

For more information about Parent Leadership at WI FACETS, please contact Our Parent Services Coordinator, Nelsinia Ramos, (877) 374-0511.