Public Awareness and Information Dissemination Activities

Information and Referral

We respond to requests from parents, educators, and other service providers who have questions or need assistance. WI FACETS does not provide legal advice. Our staff can help you problem-solve issues, explore your options and assist you to be better prepared for upcoming meetings. Our staff can also connect you with other resources and agencies that might be of help to you and provide you with written or electronic resources. A toll-free line, 877-374-0511, is available to ensure statewide access to WI FACETS for parents and others.


Our Web Page,, reaches within and beyond Wisconsin to those who use the Internet to seek information.

Reference Library

WI FACETS maintains a reference library of appropriate language and literacy materials (print, audio, video) about the educational and developmental needs of children with disabilities, including a list of national, state and local services and supports available.


WI FACETS' has a large variety of print resources available. Individual copies can be mailed or in some cases e-mailed upon request. Brochures, training schedules, and general information packets are also available for distribution at trainings, conferences, community fairs, etc.

Electronic Mailing List

WI FACETS maintains Yahoo group, which is an invitation only, moderated list-serve for families, educators, and service providers. Parents and others who are interested in joining the WI FACETS Yahoo group should contact WI FACETS at 877-374-0511.

Parent Education

WI FACETS provides basic and specialized workshops listed below. Each workshop includes strategies for effective communication, problem solving and the importance of collaboration with professionals. Workshops are offered in-person, over the telephone, and by webinar. For detailed descriptions of our workshop offerings, click here. Please visit our calendar of events for a full listing of upcoming trainings and events.

Parent Support Activities

Individual Assistance

We provide free one-to-one support to parents and professionals by phone and in-person. This includes providing a very limited amount of in-person support for families at IFSP/IEP meetings, facilitated IEP meetings, and at mediation. When parents ask for in-person support, our ability to attend is based on the issues involved, staff availability and grant funds available. We are not able to attend due process hearings, resolution meetings or expulsion hearings. If we are not able to attend your meeting, our staff is available to provide in-depth support to you over the telephone to help you plan and prepare for your meeting.

Support for Mediation

WI FACETS meets with families and others by phone or in person to encourage the use and explain the benefits of mediation. Our staff can also assist families in preparing to be an active participant in their mediation and can provide in-person support families during mediation sessions. WI FACETS has been a partner in the administration of the WI Special Education Mediation System since 1996.

Support Groups

WI FACETS facilitates several culturally relevant parent support groups to share, learn and discuss ideas and strategies related to the challenges of parenting a child with disabilities and community resources available for families. Call 877-374-0511 toll free for the locations of established parent support groups or to ask if WI FACETS can help you start a group in your area.

Promotion of partnership activities between parents and professionals

WI FACETS supports the participation of parents to promote their perspective through participation on state and local task forces, committees and boards related to policy development and service planning.

Parent Leadership Development

WI FACETS maintains a statewide roster of Volunteer Parent Leaders. These individuals receive intensive training and support that empowers them to take leadership roles within their communities. The WI FACETS Volunteer Parent Leaders also receive specialized training so they are able to assist other families in securing more appropriate services for their children with disabilities. For more information on the Volunteer Parent Leadership Program, please call: 877-374-0511 and ask for our Parent Services Coordinator.