What is the WI FACETS Parent Ambassador Program?

The Parent Ambassador program is a cadre of trained volunteers that support WI FACETS’ mission of providing meaningful materials and information to other families and schools while attending community resource fairs and/or serving on local and/or statewide advisory boards. All these roles are vital support for children with disabilities, their families, and the communities in which we live.

What do WI FACETS Ambassadors do?

While there is a wide range of possibilities on how you can use your gifts and talents to give back to your community, WI FACETS Ambassadors support other parents/families of children with disabilities who are just starting the process of building their own leadership skills. As an ambassador, your will be able to customize your volunteering activities based on your interests, time, and talents.

In the past, parent ambassadors have supported other parents and their communities with handing out printed materials at local resource fairs and statewide conferences, participating in advisory boards/committees to provide the parent perspective, educating parents about WI FACETS services to parents.

Benefits of Becoming a Parent Ambassador for WI FACETS

WI FACETS’ volunteers often report that our volunteer programs and training have provided them with opportunities for building their communities and connecting with other parents and professionals who serve children with disabilities. Parent ambassadors are encouraged to take advantage of professional development activities provided by WI FACETS, such as in-person and virtual trainings.

How do I become a Parent Ambassador?

To be considered for our Parent Ambassador program, one must complete a short online application, a criminal background check, and complete a 1-hour virtual orientation for volunteers. Once these requirements have been met, WI FACETS staff may extend an invitation to continue the training program to become a WI FACETS Parent Ambassador.


Due to COVID-19, Parent Ambassador activities are currently limited to material dissemination through virtual and local venues. WI FACETS can process publication requests, however, at this point, we are not assigning volunteers to any in-person events.

For more information on becoming an Ambassador or to volunteer a few hours of your time to build leadership skills and connect other families and agencies to our programs, please contact Nelsinia Ramos at (877) 374-0511.