Language Access

WI FACETS Language Access Plan

1. Program Statement

WI FACETS ensures equitable access to and participation in its activities for all Wisconsin families, with special attention paid to ensuring access for the most underserved families due to poverty, disability, race, color, language, ethnicity, immigrant status or national origin, gender, or age.

WI FACETS affirms the right of all individuals, from all backgrounds and cultures, with or without disabilities, to an appropriate education and other needed services.  We seek to make that right a reality by providing information, education, outreach, and support to and for families with children across the state of Wisconsin.

2. Language Data

According to the American Community Survey, in 2018, 8.7% of Wisconsin’s population speaks a language other than English at home. 6.9% of Wisconsin’s population is Hispanic/Latino, and 4.9% of the population is foreign born. Hmong is the group least likely to speak English fluently. There are 117 languages spoken in Wisconsin.

Of the 119,046 students with disabilities in Wisconsin being served under IDEA, 6.3% of this population are English language learners. 11.4% are Hispanic/Latino.

3. Spanish Language Access

Given the significant Spanish-speaking population in Wisconsin, and especially Milwaukee, WI FACETS provides a Spanish-version of their website, Spanish-language support via phone, email, and in-person, as well as monthly teleconference-style workshops listed atón

4. Interpretation Requests

Interpretation is always available via phone by bilingual staff members in Spanish or through a professional phone interpretation service for all other languages, or if bilingual staff members are not available.

Connecting with professional phone interpretation may take a few moments, and if immediate assistance is not available for a caller, FACETS will request to contact the caller with an interpreter as soon as one is available, or at the caller’s next availability.

Interpretation is available for in-person trainings if requested with two weeks’ notice. People are still able to request interpretation with less than two weeks’ notice, and FACETS will strive to provide interpretation, but cannot guarantee it.

4. Resources in other languages

The following resources are provided in Spanish without a special request.

For resources not available in Spanish, or for any other languages, interested persons should contact the Bilingual Help Desk Specialist at (414)374-4645. If we cannot offer a directly-translated resource, we will do our best to connect you to a similar resource. WI FACETS aims to continuously update and translate our most requested resources.

4. Prohibition Against Using Children as Interpreters

Staff are prohibited from using minor children to interpret. Parents shall be advised of client’s right to an interpreter at no cost to them.

5. Public Notification

Copies of WI FACETS’ Language Access Plan will be provided to the public on request and is posted on this public website. The plan will remain in effect unless modified or updated. The English language version of translated documents will serve as the official, legal, controlling document.

7. WI FACETS Language Access Contacts

Nelsinia Ramos
Associate Director
(414) 374-4645 extension 224