WI FACETS provides several types of services to help Wisconsin parents and educators support and enrich the lives of children with disabilities.  (If you aren't located in Wisconsin, you can find the parent center that serves your area by clicking here.)

Help Desk

We are available to help with your questions about programs, services and resources. We can assist by providing you with information and referrals to other programs/agencies. We can also help you brainstorm options and solutions. We do not provide legal advice or legal representation. Call toll-free 1-877-374-0511.

Individual Assistance

We provide free one-to-one support to parents and professionals by phone and in-person. This includes providing a very limited amount of in-person support for families at school special education related meetings and mediations. When parents ask for in-person support, our ability to attend meetings and mediations is based on the issues involved, staff availability, and grant funds available. We are not able to attend due process hearings or resolution sessions. The first step to accessing in-person individual assistance is contacting the Help Desk, at 1-877-374-0511.

Youth Leadership

WI FACETS is committed to assisting youth and young adults develop leadership and self-advocacy skills so that they may lead productive, meaningful adult lives. We offer various trainings (both online and in-person) about youth leadership and transition from secondary education, which can be found on our calendar, as well as our week-long summer program, the Youth Leadership Summit. For more information on youth leadership opportunities, call toll-free 1-877-374-0511 and speak with the Transition Coordinator.

Parent Leadership Training

We provide leadership training and support to parents who are interested in making a difference at the local, statewide and national level.

WI FACETS also occassionally hosts Serving on Groups trainings for families working in decision-making groups. More information is avaible on the Serving on Groups website, and upcoming trainings are listed on our calendar.