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Family Engagement within a Equitable Multi-Level System of Supports
May 29, 2019

Research on family engagement has shown that families, students, staff and administrators all benefit from effective and authentic family engagement to support their equitable, multi-level system of supports. Participants will leave with ideas that they can use in their own buildings to reach out to all families with the intent of increasing family engagement using the Wisconsin RtI Framework.

Powerpoint Presentation

Disparities in Special Education Identification
May 22nd, 2019

There are multiple ways in which inequities manifest in our schools. One of them is in special education identification. Every year many school districts are identified for their disproportionate representation of students of color in special education.
Learn how the State of Wisconsin has committed to supporting our schools and what can parents and guardians need to know.

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Legal Options for Decision Making at Age 18
May 15, 2019

This workshop covers the basics of supported decision-making agreements, powers of attorney, legal guardianship, and informal supports. Participants will learn key terms, who can use these options, how to set them up, important timelines, and comparisons. Time will be set aside for participants to ask questions.

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Getting and Keeping Your First Job
May 7th, 2019

This workshop is designed to help families understand the realities of employment for all youth, with a special emphasis on strategies youth with disabilities can use to improve employment prospects. This workshop begins with a discussion of the importance of work and what some youth with disabilities experience as they attempt to enter the job market. The session then highlights the crucial role self-awareness, career planning, and families play in the process. It continues with descriptions of the possible pitfalls in the employment process as well as suggestions for increasing the likelihood of being hired. Topics include: writing a resume, being interviewed, identifying job accommodations if necessary, and deciding whether or not to disclose a disability to an employer.

Powerpoint Presentation; Sample Resume Handout; Employment Action Plan Handout